manufacturers of Balsamic Vinegars. This Balsamic Vinegar of Modena is an absolute novelty: in fact it is produced with Lambrusco and Trebbiano grapes exclusively grown in the province of Modena, refined in oaks casks and prepared in accordance with the traditional production techniques. Typical fruity notes, unique and fascinating flavour, no added colouring and preservatives, gluten free: these the peculiarities of a product really new and inextricably linked to the territory of origin.

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is the largest dairy company in Europe. With appox. 21.000 employees, 8,6 billion of milk intake and a turnover of 47,6 billion DKK Arla foods is Europe's largest dairy company. Owned by approx. 12.000 milk producers in Denmark and Sweden who supply their milk to the company. Arla Foods covers the entire spectrum of dairy products - liquid milk, blue, white and yellow cheeses, butter, spreads, powders and other milk-based ingredients sold to markets across the entire world. Our company mission is to offer modern consumers milk-based products that provide inspiration and create confidence and well-being.

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is the largest producer of pasta in the world. The territory required to grow the amount of wheat used by Barilla each year is equal to 12,000 basketball courts. It was 1877 when Pietro Barilla opened a small shop with an oven in Parma. The Barilla family still runs the company today. In fact, respect for tradition has been a constant consideration throughout the history of Barilla. In addition, this respect is guaranteed by the company's attention to new technologies.

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company produces only very high quality cakes for recurrences thanks to the selection of the best ingredients and to the very careful production process. One of the most important steps of the production is the natural raising process with acid mass yeast that gives max lightness and softness to the cakes. Today Battistero is famous for its range of panettoni, pandori and filled cakes packed in very nice collection cans, that every year show a new design in order to satisfy the most exigent customers.

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is a cooperative which was founded in Nuremberg, Germany in 1930. Selling more than 200,000 tons of dairy products per year. They are one of the leading marketers of dairy products.

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Having become the oldest and the most important specialist company in wild mushrooms, it demonstrates its knowledge of the product today by selecting the best mushrooms and by conditioning them according to the most demanding quality standards.

Because of this excellence Borde deserves to be recognized across the world for its exceptional competence, in dehydrated, apperitized or frozen mushrooms.

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The Cacao Barry brand honours the great tradition of elegant French cuisine. It is the preferred brand of confectioners who treasure the pure and the authentic and let the whims of culinary fashion blow over.

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has earned a worldwide reputation for outstanding couverture, chocolate drops, compound coatings, nut products and special products. This brand is the very emblem of Belgian chocolate. Artisan bakers, chocolate makers and renowned chefs all cherish its pronounced character and its distinctive flavour.

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Campbell Foods Belgium, the Belgian subsidiary, has for decades been making a stir with top products like Devos Lemmens, Royco Minute Soup and Campbell Soup Deli. De Belgische business unit zorgt met zijn tweehonderdzeventig medewerkers slechts voor een klein aandeel in de totale Campbellpopulatie van 23.000 gepassioneerde voedingsliefhebbers. The Belgian business unit will have two hundred seventy employees with only a small proportion of the total population of 23,000 Campbell passionate food lovers.

Campbells België wordt alom geroemd in het Campbelluniversum omwille van zijn gestage groei, zijn zin voor ondernemerschap, zijn realistische benadering van zakendoen en zijn 'can do'-spirit. Campbells Belgium, Campbell praised the Universe because of its steady growth, entrepreneurial flair, his realistic approach to business and 'can do' spirit.

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Albeiro is one of the first italian companies to produce provolone cheese in the high Lombardy Plain, at the Alps slopes and its ranked in the first ten italian provolone cheese producers. A leading representative in the dairy art. Albeiro stands out for the quality of its products and the extreme carefulness in the manufacturing processes.

Passion and years of experience are reflected in the excellence of our cheese, in its mild or sharp taste, in its perfect aging, in the optimisation of its customers treatment.

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In the heart of Champagne area, BEAUFOR is perpetuating the grand tradition of French cooking.

For more than one century, quality has been our keyword and the interest of our customers and their satisfaction our watchwords. This includes selection of the best products of this region.

BEAUFOR has achieved excellence of taste through its harmonic blend of savours. BEAUFOR’s optimal quality is of international recognition.

With the best grade of products, ranging from vinegars, mustards, gherkins and oils, BEAUFOR offers its customers the very best and indispensable experience in fancy cuisine.

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Christis Dairies was founded in 1961, initially producing only fresh milk. Over the years the Company has implemented pioneering production methods through modern facilities so as to keep the lead in the production of cheese and dairy products in Cyprus. 1974 is a milestone in the development of the company, creating it's cheese making plant thus covering a large demand for these products. In 1985, Christis moved to a new modern factory in St. Athanasios in Limassol and has since developed and is constantly expanding all the plants with the latest developments in technology and production.

In 1999, Christis creates a completely new and modern dairy plant with a very high standards thus producing a greater variety of high quality dairy products that have won fans in both the Cypriot market and the world.

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The Saga of Clement Faugier institutions, or how two families tied to the history of the Ardèche chestnut.

C'est en 1882 alors que l'économie locale ardéchoise dans l'élevage du ver à soie traverse une crise due à une épidémie, que Clément Faugier, jeune homme du terroir, crée à Privas la première fabrique de Marrons Glacés. It was in 1882 when the local economy in Ardèche raising silkworms in crisis due to an epidemic that Faugier Clement, a young man of the soil, created to deprive the first factory candied chestnuts.

À une tradition gastronomique, il allie l'innovation et l'audace, réalisant ainsi la fabrication industrielle du Marron Glacé tout en conservant les qualités d'un savoir-faire artisanal. In a culinary tradition, it combines innovation and daring, realizing the industrial manufacture of Brown Glossy while retaining the qualities of craftsmanship.

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Dansti Seafoods is a trading company that has specialised in Smoked Salmon, Smoked Ocean Trout, Gravad Lax and other high quality seafood specialities from around the world. Dansti Seafoods traded in 2005 more than 800 tons / Euro 8 million of smoked seafood and the volume is expected to increase in 2006 with 50% to 1.200 tons / Euro 12 million.

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Since its inception, Euralis maintains a culture of listening, learning and respect, fed by its cooperative values ??and business expertise.  Its members and its employees, since 1936, forged the spirit of enterprise by developing historical activities such as grains and seeds and, more recently, investing in the agribusiness sector.  Common to all these activities: strong proximity between Euralis and its customers.. This concept of partnership brings together employees and members, it generates confidence, essential driver of a sustainable and balanced relationship. The Rougi brand, founded in 1875 in Sarlat in the Prigord region, is today the world leader for foie gras. Its products, essentially designed for restaurateurs, are selected by all the leading chefs and find their place on the most prestigious tables throughout the world.

Today Euralis wants to go further.. This goal, the Group expressed initially by a new logo. This illustrates the link that unites its members and professionals in agriculture and food trade.  Color, green, referred to its agricultural roots.

Euralis is changing its image and to strengthen its innovative project and unifying. This is the ambition of Euralis: feed your confidence.

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Europi srl operates on both the Italian and the international market as an established company in the production and marketing of a wide range of typical products. Three brands join together at the headquarters in Reggio Emilia:

  • Terra Maris, a full range of preserves and typical food specialities: in jar, in tin, in aseptic bag intended for the Horeca, the Large-scale Distribution and the Large-scale Organized Distribution channels;
  • Thody, a selection of the best fresh fruit and the best sweet corn from GMO-free countries of origin, in jar and in tin;
  • Braglia, ageing of the finest meat products of the Italian tradition. The company’s strength lies in the three main values Europi makes itself bearer of: experience, quality and innovation.

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is the operating company for the production and marketing of cheese of Friesland Coberco Dairy Foods, one of the largest dairy groups in the world. They produce and sell cheeses ranging from the traditional Dutch cheeses - such as Gouda, Edam and Maasdam.

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The GELITA Group companies manufacture highest quality gelatine under the trade name GELITA?. This gelatine is used in a variety of applications in the food, photographic and pharmaceutical industries. In addition, a whole range of special gelatine products is available for specific applications.

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Lerøy Seafood Group is an international corporation involved in seafood, with its core business in distribution, sale and marketing of seafood, processing of seafood, production of salmon, trout and other fish species as well as product development.

Lerøy Seafood Group’s strategy is to meet the demand for seafood and culinary highlights, both at home and abroad, by supplying high quality products.

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As an agricultural based country, Thailand has a bountiful supply of raw materials, quality people and more advanced and better accepted technology and manufacturing standards than other competitors in the region. The perpetual development of industrial infrastructure is the strength that enhances our capacity in processed food industry to compete in the world arena. Yet Thai business operators must maintain developing higher yield per rai of raw materials, uplift the administration of the inconstant yield during the whole year. We have to constantly evolve our skills, manufacturing, packing and packaging to the latest advanced technology to remain competitive.  Last but not least is the brand building blueprints for our products.

The overall picture for processed food, is that people globally require more health foods that conveniently adapts to their changing lifestyle. Instant and ready to eat food which offers nutritional value is the obvious trend. New markets like Russia, the Middle East and Africa present opportunities for us which will reduce the risk from relying on major export markets as we have  in the past.

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 is a manufacturer of Gorgonzola, a typically italian cheese famous throughout the world for is distinctive taste and characteristic blue veining.

A family run business for three generation since 1935, and gaining success all over the world for the guaranteed quality of the cheese.

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Since 1983, IIE srl has been exporting food products that represent Italy's extraordinary food culture all over the world.

We at IIE srl are able to propose to the international market the best Italian food products, and to provide services that best satisfy both demand and offer.

Indeed, matching the international demand with the Italian offer is no easy task, most of all when it means merging different languages and cultures, but IIE srl can count on talented, international-oriented staff, who thanks to the extensive experience in the business can tackle any situation.

Among the various services offered by IIE srl, one of the most important is preparing mixed orders of different food products. Thus, our clients can order small quantities of various goods, then let IIE srl take care of consolidating the loads, and receive one single shipment, therefore reducing extra import costs.

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Having functioned as a family-run activity for more than half a century, the know-how and the experience that has been transmitted from generation to generation, from father to son, allows us to create products of an exceptional quality that are distinguished from the other cheeses available in the market. Thanks to a perfect balance between traditional production processes, the latest technology and the very best raw materials, we obtain excellent levels of quality that serve to demonstrate to our clients the benefits of our product.

Our production covers a wide range of cheeses, such as the so-called Iberian cheeses (a mixture of goat, cow and sheep milk), Semi-cured and Cured cheeses, Pure Goat’s milk Cheese, Pure Sheep’s milk Cheese, Goat’s milk and Wine Cheese, Rosemary and Sheep’s milk Cheese, Half-fat Cheese and traditional Matured Cheese in Extra Virgin Olive Oil, which is very popular in our region. Moreover, for many years now we have offered lines composed of portions and presentations for Catering and Free Service.

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A little water, a fertile ground and fair weather. From these rich and still virgin lands of the valley of Mincio river, in the heart of the Padania plain, comes one of the most famous and widely-appreciated Italian cheeses in the world. From the first time you’ll taste it, you’ll never forget its unique shape and irresistible flavour. The story of Grana Padano cheese begins there, in these rough lands, and explains the Padanis’ love for their country, their job, the respect for their traditions, the great passion for those authentic and true things like Grana Padano cheese.

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World leader in sophisticated decorations for professional users, is specialised in the production of semi- manufactured chocolate articles, consisting of open and closed decorations, cups, shavings, blossoms, curls and drops of real Belgian couverture of the Barry Callebaut brand, guaranteeing a constant level of quality and taste.

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Since 1862, the house Lustenberger + Dürst has devoted itself to the pure culture of quality cheese from Switzerland. With its long lasting tradition, it's one of the most historic companies within its field in Switzerland and since its foundation has constantly continued improving what is already fine. With its long lasting tradition, it's one of the most historic companies within its field in Ireland since its foundation and has continued constantly improving what is already fine.

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Salt manufacturers and merchants since 1882. Today, they are the only UK based producer of sea salt. Still a small family concern, its continued success is due to the production of a unique high quality sea salt using a traditional method, combined with the expertise to the source.

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Marine Resources Development Co., Ltd. was established in 2002 by the professionals possessing decades of experience in fish sauce and seasoning sauces. Our experienced team with the perfect combination of experienced professional masters and young enthusiastic experts will provide customers the premium, natural, and healthy products. Megachef Fish Sauce is the attempt to capture that wonderful taste once again. However, this is a new generation of fish sauce : blending past practices with modern requirements.

The traditional methods have been followed in order to obtain an authentic taste, but modern food technologies have been applied to create the healthiest of condiments with the cleanest of flavours.

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In order to make such a unique Green Sicilian Olive, Miccio ensures the olives are thoroughly selected and wisely packed in accordance with the rules of the Italian gastronomic tradition, in order to guarantee the intense genuine taste of the ingredient that has always been part of history. The Miccio Green Sicilian olives in brine are obtained after numerous washes in automatic shaking tanks and applying meticulous salinity checks.

Once passing this stage, the Miccio Green Sicilian Olives are packaged in a protective atmosphere (semirigid heatformed packaging) which assists in preserving the olives freshness, especially all the aromas and characteristics of this great Green Sicilian Olive.

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 Odense Marzipan is one of the world's leading manufacturers marzipan:

  • Odense Marcipan er markedsleder i Skandinavien og forbrugerens, bagerens og industriens foretrukne leverandør Odense Marzipan is the market leader in Scandinavia and the consumer, the baker and the industry's preferred supplier
  • Udover marcipan, produceres og markedsføres et sortiment af nougat, chokolade, nødder og mandler Apart from marzipan, produced and marketed a range of nougat, chocolate, nuts and almonds

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Paesanella manufactures high quality dairy cheese products in the Italian fresh cheese category of the dairy market. A unique Italian style fresh cheese making formula that has been passed on and perfected within the family for over 300 years.

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Parmigiano Reggiano is the king of cheese and one of the excellent productions made ??in Italy. Despite being one of the most known and loved by Italian families, to date, we are convinced that the Parmigiano Reggiano is all the same regardless of taste and method of use.

Strong knowledge and love for this great product, we studied a map of the cheese for the first time to offer a variety of unique choice and help the consumer to discover a unique food.

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An Australian producer of fine Pt's, terrines and gourmet foods. All products are pasteurised in the pack and have extended shelf life. Located on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia, the factory has the advantage of having direct access to top-grade raw ingredients from the Darling Downs.

This area is renowned for its rich and unpolluted environment.

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when you buy Filippo Berio olive oils, you're buying olive oil steeped in expert tradition — oils with the same flavor as those Filippo Berio produced over 150 years ago.

Today, these award-winning oils are made using the latest technology, but the traditional flavors remain — thanks to painstaking attention to detail and a deep commitment to excellence. Filippo Berio olive oils have been produced by our family-owned and operated business since the mid-1800s, with hands-on family direction and expertise to ensure unsurpassed quality and unequalled taste in every bottle.

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was first discovered in the Alps in the 13th century, the waters from the town of San Pellegrino Terme were deemed excellent for the health of body and spirit. From its first analysis in 1782, S.Pellegrino Sparkling Mineral Water has remained remarkably pure and consistent. It contains 14 important minerals and trace elements to keep your body fit and your skin glowing.

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We are extremely pleased to inform you that in France, SICILIA was chosen by a consumer-jury as the best lemon juice amongst numerous competition products - Product of the Year 2001, yet again, after the success in 1999 and 2000.

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Silver Spoon is the number one supplier to the UK retail sugar and sweetener market and is a major sugar supplier to the foodservice market.pioneered the market for high quality unrefined sugars and were the first to source a certified organic cane sugar for the UK market. It now offers one of the most comprehensive ranges of natural and unrefined organic cane sugars in europe.The name Billington's is now synonymous with the very best in brown and golden sugars. You can rely on Billington's to source and market the best unrefined sugars

The Silver Spoon name is well known for quality sugar throughout the UK, and in the last ten years, Silver Spoon has launched some truly innovative low calorie sugar and sweetening products that deliver all the sweetness of sugar but with fewer calories.

Silver Spoon, the Sugar People, have brought together knowledge of sweetening and passion for baking in developing recipes for the Silver Spoon range. From your morning cuppa, your favourite cake and that special recipe, we can make it better.

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Based in the Somerset town of Wellington, Somerdale is one of Britain's leading exporters of British cheese and dairy products. The company represents dairies throughout the UK and exports a vast range of quality cheeses from some of the largest Cheddar makers down to small, traditional farmstead dairies.

Regular shipments of British cheese and dairy products are made to all corners of the globe, by road, sea and air.

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Founded in 1818, the company is run by Sorrentino family, has always worked in the dairy sector and can boast a wide and extensive distribution network and national market Campania. La continua ricerca di elevati standards qualitativi e la capacita' di interpretare al meglio le esigenze dei propri clienti, sia in termini di assortimento merceologico che di rapidita' nelle forniture, hanno da sempre caratterizzato la missione aziendale. The continuous search for high quality standards and the ability 'to interpret the needs of its customers, both in terms of merchandise assortment that rapidity' in the supplies, have always characterized the company's mission.

E proprio la sicurezza di sapere sempre soddisfatta ogni esigenza merceologica nel settore dei cosiddetti "super-freschi" lattiero-caseari, ha da sempre indotto i maggiori esponenti della moderna distribuzione organizzata, della ristorazione al pubblico e collettiva, della distribuzione all'ingrosso e del dettaglio tradizionale, questi ultimi ancora oggi molto presenti nel settore, a preferirci quale azienda partner nelle forniture lattiero-casearie ... And the security of knowing always satisfied every demand of the commodity in the so-called "super-fresh" milk has always led the greatest exponents of modern retailing, catering to the public and collective, wholesale distribution and traditional retailers, the latter is still very present in the field, to prefer a partner company which supplies the dairy ...

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Sosa Ingredients S.L. is one of the leading manufacturers of premium ingredients for gastronomy and pastry in Spain. The company stared out in the year 1967 as a family business producing artisan biscuits and traditional Catalan Christmas products. Afterwards, in the 1970s, Sosa introduced ingredients for ice cream in the product range which was amplified during the 1980s to an exquisite product line for the ice cream production. In the year 2000 the company started with the production of ingredients for gastronomy and pastry with the introduction of nuts. Later on, other products have been added, such as freeze dried fruits, texturizers, natural plant extracts, essential oils and a lot more. 

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Flott Anchovies from Sicily are packed in oil with a great flavour and a rugged texture.

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The Tatua Co-operative Dairy Company Limited was formed in 1914. Manufacturer of many specialist nutritional ingredients and a range of quality nutritious food products.

Tatua Foods process a range of extended shelf life food and dairy products in sterilised sachets, pouches and bags for retail, aerosol creams, foodservice and industrial applications.

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TRAFRUT CANO SL is framed within the food sector.l. His work focuses on making quince jam, all made by hand. We are a manufacturing reference in craft quince, with more than 15 years of experience.

The company's business policy is defined in terms growth and innovation, constant improvement merado bringing out new flavors every season.

CANO SL TRAFRUT have always been characterized by excellent personal service that ensures the best quality. Despite the antiquity of the business, follow the path of quality and love for the product we produce. . We also have to adapt to modern times, both in variety of products such as health and hygiene controls.

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Triselecta is completely specialized in packing and distributing finest quality saffron. We are located in Malaga just five minutes away from an international airport to offer an excellent service.

We have state of the art facilities continuously updated to follow the most exigent quality standards.

We are ready to meet any of your saffron requirements as we offer very wide range of presentations.

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The dream began in Amsterdam 1828 when C.J. VAN HOUTEN invented the process of manufacturing cocoa. Very soon Van Houten’s cocoa and chocolate powders conquered the hearts of thousands of chocolate lovers.

Still today, Van Houten carries on this great tradition through in-house sourcing, production, and research and development, resulting in an extensive range of high-quality chocolate and cocoa drinks appealing to all types of consumers, in all markets.

Consumers drinking habits are constantly evolving. Many years ago Van Houten was the first choice for grandmothers preparing cocoa beverages in their kitchen throughout Europe and America. Now the brand enjoys a much wider prospect. Responding to consumer demands, Van Houten has developed a diverse range of high-quality chocolate and cocoa drinks that appeal to all types of drinkers across the retail, HoReCa, vending and OCS markets with more than 1.6 billion cups of chocolate enjoyed in over 40 countries around the world in 2006.

The creation of new products in response to market trends has always been an important factor in keeping the Brand fresh and alive. Whether your costumers look for indulgence, varied taste, low sugar or Fairtrade, Van Houten allows you to offer chocolate drinks that perfectly match their desires.

Van Houten is all about great chocolate drinks for any moment of the day. When you are choosing Van Houten, you are choosing: Quality - Authencity - Indulgence - Good conscience.

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have been making the world famous Tiptree preserves in the Essex village of Tiptree for more than 115 years. Today, products leave Tiptree destined for any of more than sixty different countries.

On sale in fine food stores at home and overseas, Tiptree is also served on most international airlines, in five star hotels and on cruise ships.

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The success of Happy Cow and double-digit levels of export growth have since proven Woerle right in its long-term strategy.

The company has successfully made the adjustments necessary for the Happy Cow products to work smoothly with the market conditions, traditions and requirements of the various export countries.

Such extensive export activities have naturally demanded that Woerle have its finger firmly on the pulse of the global market, that it employ visionary thinking and be oriented to market demands. Despite this, it has managed to maintain the values of a traditional family-run company from the Salzburg region troughout - a powerful combination.

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