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Why F MAYER IMPORTS for Foodservice?

F Mayer Imports are a large importer of Foodservice products in Australia. Each member of our team is committed to being challenged and meeting the demands of the new breed of “Foodie” throughout the Foodservice Industry.

Why Foodservice and F Mayer Imports?

The foodservice channel consists of many different food establishments catering to a new breed of people, who consume food outside their own homes with good food in mind!   The Masterchef phenomenon has created great new opportunities for the consumers to eat creatively. There are ever evolving foodies that desire new “out of the box” dishes created using imported lines.

What’s so good about our products?

F Mayer Imports provides the foodie with a range of high quality products, exported from many different countries around the world. Our aim is to continue importing food/beverages into the Australian market that have a place to help the foodservice industry keep ahead of the pack! Australia is renowned for its restaurants’ and world class chefs hitting the world stage. Eating away from home these days is more an experience and education for the customer. F Mayer imported products help set the scene for the chefs of Australia to keep raising the bar with the availability to source products from all over the world.

With 80% of our imported products being sourced from animal origins, there is a clear and distinct difference in flavour , textures  and quality. Coming from some of the riches agricultural areas in the world are cheeses with clear distinctive flavours. Like a wine reflects its area of origin, so do our cheeses of the world.

Who we service.

We service a large area of the foodservice area which includes





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